About Idyllic

Idyllic is a platform jumping game where you move horizontally instead of vertically. The game lets you experience the world of Illios on a small scale, where the warrior priest "Arcanian", from the SUN Temple, must save his home world from total darkness and despair.

Your objective is to skillfully jump from island to island, healing them in the process. As you play, the graphics will change from a dark, sad place to a more colorful, green and good version. The music follows the healing process as well, adding lots of atmosphere to the experience.

You have to collect coins to upgrade the powers bestowed on you, so that you may survive longer and obtain a higher score. As you upgrade your powers, you will discover new ways to achieve your goals.

Once you are strong enough, you will overcome monsters with ease... but how will you handle the challenge of the mini boss?!

If you feel like playing a casual game with depth, you've come to the right place.

Intro Storyline

Fifteen years ago, you were sent on the journey all SUN followers must undertake to become a Priest of healing to fight against the ever growing darkness. Your success and return to your homeland as a disciple of the SUN will bring pride to your people.

Upon your return however, you are devastated to find your home world in pain and darkness. The very entity you have trained the last fifteen years to fight against has devoured your world and plunged it into darkness.

As the sole survivor, alone you stand and it is up to you to stand up against the darkness that has destroyed your world. The time ahead shall be hard, will you use the very skills you have trained for over the last fifteen years to restore your world to its former glory, or will you share the same fate as your people? Only time will tell…

Game Features

  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Simple & Fun Controls
  • Stunning Graphic & Awesome Music
  • Unlockable Powers & Upgradeable Abilities
  • Monsters & Mini Boss
  • Changing Graphic & Music
  • Infinite gameplay
  • Resource Management Mechanic
  • Game Center

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Community Says

I find the game a nice concept, diffent from what I expected with nice graphics and gameplay. Nice game. Simple to pick up and good to fill times.
- Francesco Pessolano, Beta Tester
"It's a game that I can play for hours at a time while climbing the Game Center charts, or pick up and play for a moment to find that next way-point. It remains fresh and challenging every time I stretch my upgraded wings!
- Glen Forbes, Beta Tester
I am really liking the game so far. It is a bit difficult but keeps the player engaged and wanting to play again and again. The game center function works well and I like the upgrades.
- judedaman505, Beta Tester

Press Says

Our time with Idyllic so far has definitevely answered the question of whether this is a fit for iOS - and the answer is "Heck yeah, baby! Idyllic differentiates itself by mixing in a strong resource management mechanic
- iFanzine - Score 4,5/5

It is a very fun game and very fast paced when fully upgraded on everything. The game also has some very cool features in that as you progress during the game the environment and music change as well. And the graphics are very crisp and colourful. All in all a very addictive game.
- iphonegameruk



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